In the beginning

So here are the starting stats, reasons, and feelings of this whole30 lifestyle process. I know I say whole30 when I’m not actually doing it as a whole30 but changing my lifestyle completely. So here we go:

Who: 29 year old mother of 2, stay at home mom, runner, 5’10 184.6lbs, size 12 (that aren’t fitting particularly well right now)

Why: Because lately I’ve felt like crap both physically and emotionally related to my body. I’m tired of having to have certain foods or drinks throughout the day not because I genuinely want them but instead because I’m a slave to my physical and emotional cravings. I want to lose weight, not because I am trying to pick up a man and not because I want other people to think I’m attractive but because to me being overweight is that little hole in the Death Star. It’s the way that thoughts creep in about how I am lesser than others because I am “fat”. I want to workout because I have fitness goals other than losing weight.

And right now I feel horrible, my head is killing me (just a testament to how much I needed the sugar and caffeine detox) and I just want to crawl under a rock which thankfully is an option in about an hour!

So here are my before pictures, my raw, no makeup, taken by my 5 year old so I look like I have a double chin which I would never post on Facebook in a million year pictures. Like I said, I’ll post updated stats and pics on Mondays.




Here we go again

So, it’s been a while. I’m starting to realize a pattern in life. I tend to gain weight after summer ends and with all the traveling I’ve been doing and will continue to do through December it has been really hard to eat healthy. I have wanted to do a whole30 for a while, however I’ve had and will continue to have tons of trips and races that make sticking strictly to whole30 impossible (example: Newport half, wine and dine half, a disney cruise or three, and a girls weekend).
So, what does that mean? I’ve decided to try a strict whole30 guideline diet when I am at home and not on race days but allow for these days as the reality of life right now. I know I will get out of it what I put in, so the more I follow whole30 the better I will feel. I figure eating “clean” 25 days a month is better than 0.

So, I will have 6 days of clean eating before I have the Newport half starting tomorrow. So here’s my menu for tomorrow:

Shrimp, asparagus, and mushroom omelette

Baked cod, sweet potato, and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Taco zucchini boats that I’m gonna modify from this recipe to make it whole30

I’m gonna post pics and my weight tomorrow and I will add updated ones every 7 days.
Wish me luck! I’ve been eating complete junk lately so this crash is gonna be hard!

Day 28: whole30

Made great choices all day. Then we ate out for dinner and went completely not whole30. We’ve been planning this dinner for months and so I knew it was coming. I’m just proud of myself for not blowing the whole day (especially when I was starving and no healthy options were in sight) because I knew I’d be off it for dinner. The most tempting part of today was going by a sonic on our way to Publix to pick up fruit and not stopping to get a Reese’s sonic blast (we don’t have sonic in Rhode Island so this could be justified as enjoying something we don’t have at home).

Anyways, tomorrow is a big party (complete with birthday cake for my birthday) so it will be a great test to see how I do with a temptation that I’ve said I’m not giving in to.

Day 21: whole 30

So today went pretty well, no cheating and I ran 3 miles. I like running only 3 miles because I don’t feel like I have to do pre and post workout meals (which to be honest they confuse me). I’m going out tonight so I may cheat, we will see!

So, I’m finding something with people that I find interesting. People put way to much of the excitement and enjoyment of their day into what they eat. Trust me I understand, I’ve been there, and I love good food (see description of the blog). But you can choose for 30 days to eat a certain way and to forgo those things that brighten your day. And who knows, by the end you may find what I’ve found, which is that you can get enjoyment out of life and simply eat good food for nourishment and not simply pleasure. Plus, once you detox your body and taste buds from the junk you are used to eating you, you actually really enjoy the food options on the whole 30!

Day 18: whole30

Today was day 18 and it really has just become routine to not make bad food choices. I no longer think I’m gonna die because I don’t get popcorn at the movie (or raisinets, those are my favorite!). What I’m really excited about is the fact that I haven’t just decide to screw the whole diet because I cheated a little. In the past, if I messed up one time or one day I’d just decide to give up entirely on the diet, but not this time! I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made and I kinda wish the 30 days wasn’t going to end. I just don’t know how much self control I’m gonna have afterwards and I like where I’m at now…

Day 17: whole30

So, I had a few drinks yesterday (day 17) that weren’t whole30 approved, but other than that I followed the whole30. I tried to stay away from beer or overly sugary drinks at least.

Today (day 18) is another day on vacation! I’m fairly certain that I will follow the whole30 diet today. This is mainly because the thought of alcohol is not appealing in the least bit today.

Even though I’m cheating, I’m still eating a lot better than I was three weeks ago. I choose salads whenever possible and I pay attention to what I order and what’s being put on it. I can’t wait for 12 more days when I will be home and I can weigh myself and try on my “skinny” jeans!