Update on balance and diet

So, I’ve been completely off any whole 30 resemblance diet for about 3 weeks now. I got to the point where I had no appetite. Nothing sounded appetizing, whole 30 compliant or otherwise, and I just wasn’t enjoying food anymore. This made me really quite bummed. I actually lost 4lbs one week simply from not eating because I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t craving anything. I’m blaming this feeling on the whole30. I feel like I trained my body not to give in to cravings of any sort and then it just became easier not to eat than to eat something I didn’t want and would take a lot of time to prepare.

So, for the last 3 weeks I’ve just been trying to rediscover my love for food. I’m trying to find that balance still…I eat what I want when I want to and I don’t eat if I’m not hungry or nothing sounds good. I put back on 1.5lbs of those 4 that I lost that I didn’t want to. I felt like once I got down those 4lbs my curves were starting to disappear. I want to be healthy, not skinny.

Ive had a couple of amazing food experiences in the last couple of days, so I think my love of food is returning! Yay! Going out for lasagna on federal hill today for lunch, mmm!

I start officially training for my half marathons in a week or two, so that should help boost the appetite too.

Will keep you posted!



Everything in Moderation

So, I’m still trying to figure out what works for me. Trying to figure out how to enjoy the not so good for me foods occasionally, but not going crazy. For me I’m trying following whole30 completely every other day and then on the off days indulging a little. I still try to eat the majority of my meals whole 30 (2 out of 3) and I try to limit myself to 1 dessert on these days. This worked great last week, I lost 2lbs which is great since I’m not actually trying to lose weight anymore.

**Explanation: the whole30 is something you do for 30 days no cheating, so I know I’m not doing it when I skip every other day; what I mean by whole 30 here is no sugar, no sweeteners, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, and no legumes

Day 30: whole30 and whole30 recap

So yesterday was my official last day of the whole 30 and I have to say I feel pretty great. I would say I feel better overall and I feel better about myself. However tomorrow morning will be the real test. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and weigh myself and I will try on my “skinny jeans”. I weighed myself this morning on the scale at my moms house and it looks like I’m about 10lbs since I started but this scale could just be off 10lbs from my scale at home and I may not have lost anything…

So here’s a recap of what I liked and didn’t like about the whole30:

-easy to understand and know whether you were following it or not
-no guilt if you just didn’t eat what was on the “no” list
-feeling better about myself

Didn’t like:
-no room for any sort of desserts, you either followed the diet or didn’t, some moderation would have been nice
-never figured out what to eat before runs…my body likes to burn carbs and sugars while I run…

Day 1: Pre-whole 30

So, today was day 1 of my pre-whole30 cutting back. Like I mentioned, my mom and I are starting the Whole30 on Sunday because I want to get a couple of my Atlanta favs in (Chickfila and Mellow Mushroom) before strictly following the Whole30 for the rest of my trip. However, I know I’ve got a bad sugar addiction so I figure it couldn’t hurt to start breaking that now before I officially start the Whole30. So today I’m starting no desserts. Some of you may say, well that’s easy! Not for me! I eat 2 to 4 desserts every day. Kids fussing too much? Eat a dessert! Somebody posts something I don’t like on FB? Don’t respond, eat a dessert! Bored? Eat a dessert! Tired? Eat a dessert! After reading the “it starts with food” book, I now understand why! I’ve basically trained my body to eat sugar because it will make me feel better and this has to stop! So today when I really wanted to buy those yogurt covered pretzels at whole foods (hey, they don’t sell anything unhealthy at whole foods, right?) and eat the whole thing because my morning didn’t go exactly right, I didn’t! I bought some cashews and some olives (both things I really like) and had a few of those! Yes, I know I have 6 hours at least till bed time, but that’s easy since I’m going out dancing tonight!

The whole30

So, I’ve been stuck in the same 5lb weight range for a while now and my hubby (who I find extremely attractive) is stuck just above the overweight range on the BMI chart. So, I decided we need to try something different eating-wise. I recently cut out caffeine and I’m feeling 100% better than I was before and I’ve really been wanting to cut out sugar. The Whole30 does that and so much more! It’s basically cutting out all the things that cause us to be unhealthy (for a variety of reasons) and once you’ve cut them all out long enough to let your body detox, you check on adding them back in (if you want). So here’s the link to the website, but basically it’s: no sugars or sweeteners, no alcohol, no dairy, no legumes, and no grains for 30 days. You also don’t want to substitute things for desserts to trick yourself into thinking you had them. So, no desserts made from the stuff that’s allowed and if you feel like you have to have something sweet after every meal, stop. It’s about being a grown up and making choices for yourself so that you can be healthier. The only blaring medical problem I have right now is allergies, so we will see if this helps. Matt is gonna start on Tuesday (the 18th) and my mom and I will officially start on Sunday. It says that the first two weeks can be kinda harsh in terms of detoxing so I’m gonna pretty much start tomorrow, however you aren’t allowed to cheat in your 30 days and so I’m giving mom (shes hopefully doing it with me) and myself 5 days to eat junk before we get intense. The reason I want to start cutting things out early is because I have the peachtree road race in my first two weeks and so I don’t want to be too out of it for that. So tomorrow my goal is no desserts (baby steps before the big leap!). Wish me luck!

Current Weight:178
Goal Weight by 10/1/13: 148

Why Weekly Weigh-Ins are a Good Thing

So, I work out a lot. Let’s start with that. I run 6 miles 3 times a week and then I do the Insanity workout 6 times a week. However, I’m still overweight (8lbs left to be “normal” whatever that is!). That’s because, like I’ve said before, I LOVE to eat! I like to have two desserts a day, one after lunch and one after dinner. Now, to me dessert can range from two jelly beans to a piece of pie. I try to avoid making pies though, because I eat them (what a crazy idea!). Anyways, despite how much I workout, if I’ve had a “bad food day”, which to me basically means I ate anything “out”, then I look in the mirror and to myself I look like I’ve gained 10lbs in a day. So, for me a weekly weigh-in helps me to see myself accurately when I look in the mirror. For example, yesterday Matt and I had Chili’s for lunch and I had their Chipotle Honey Chicken Crispers (mmm), thankfully I don’t like French fries and so I got it with broccoli and the cinnamon apples, which lets be honest should be called apple pie filling because that’s what it is and it’s DELICIOUS! Then I had a cookie, a couple glasses of wine, and a steak for dinner. So this morning I wake up and look and myself in the mirror and there’s “10lbs heavier Rachael”, but today is my weigh-in day! I do my weigh-ins on Monday mornings on my Wii fit balance board, which is awesome because it keeps track of my weight (my weight for the last 3 years) and calculates my BMI. Perfect! Also, I do my weigh-ins on Mondays because its a day I work out on so if I did gain weight I am soon working out and feeling better about myself and its not my long run day (if I’m training for a long race) so I don’t get discouraged and skip my long run for the week. SO,I weigh myself and instead of gaining 10lbs, like I see in the mirror, I have lost 2lbs. So, I look in the mirror and voilĂ , I am skinny me again!

Maybe I’m the only person who has this problem, but I’m the only person for whom I need to find weight loss (and body image) solutions for!