Week 1 Summary

So, week 1 went pretty well. I stuck to the whole 30 guidelines when I was planning to and didn’t have guilt for the couple of exceptions I knew were already in this week’s plans.

So here are the stats are the stats:

Weight: 181.6 (that’s down 3lbs from last Monday)
Size: still 12, not really feeling any different here
Feeling: a lot better, no more sugar or caffeine headache and no desire to drink soda; I feel better about myself when I don’t eat junk, even if I don’t see a change on the scale

Some of the recipes we tried last week:
This herb chicken was delicious, but next time I’m gonna try it with boneless chicken

This garlic shrimp with zucchini noodles was easy and pretty good but we substituted olive oil for the ghee and I think it lost some flavor

And here’s my before and after pictures for the week



In the beginning

So here are the starting stats, reasons, and feelings of this whole30 lifestyle process. I know I say whole30 when I’m not actually doing it as a whole30 but changing my lifestyle completely. So here we go:

Who: 29 year old mother of 2, stay at home mom, runner, 5’10 184.6lbs, size 12 (that aren’t fitting particularly well right now)

Why: Because lately I’ve felt like crap both physically and emotionally related to my body. I’m tired of having to have certain foods or drinks throughout the day not because I genuinely want them but instead because I’m a slave to my physical and emotional cravings. I want to lose weight, not because I am trying to pick up a man and not because I want other people to think I’m attractive but because to me being overweight is that little hole in the Death Star. It’s the way that thoughts creep in about how I am lesser than others because I am “fat”. I want to workout because I have fitness goals other than losing weight.

And right now I feel horrible, my head is killing me (just a testament to how much I needed the sugar and caffeine detox) and I just want to crawl under a rock which thankfully is an option in about an hour!

So here are my before pictures, my raw, no makeup, taken by my 5 year old so I look like I have a double chin which I would never post on Facebook in a million year pictures. Like I said, I’ll post updated stats and pics on Mondays.



Here we go again

So, it’s been a while. I’m starting to realize a pattern in life. I tend to gain weight after summer ends and with all the traveling I’ve been doing and will continue to do through December it has been really hard to eat healthy. I have wanted to do a whole30 for a while, however I’ve had and will continue to have tons of trips and races that make sticking strictly to whole30 impossible (example: Newport half, wine and dine half, a disney cruise or three, and a girls weekend).
So, what does that mean? I’ve decided to try a strict whole30 guideline diet when I am at home and not on race days but allow for these days as the reality of life right now. I know I will get out of it what I put in, so the more I follow whole30 the better I will feel. I figure eating “clean” 25 days a month is better than 0.

So, I will have 6 days of clean eating before I have the Newport half starting tomorrow. So here’s my menu for tomorrow:

Shrimp, asparagus, and mushroom omelette

Baked cod, sweet potato, and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Taco zucchini boats that I’m gonna modify from this recipe to make it whole30

I’m gonna post pics and my weight tomorrow and I will add updated ones every 7 days.
Wish me luck! I’ve been eating complete junk lately so this crash is gonna be hard!

Updates and coming soon

So, there’s quite a bit going on right now in life. First, hubby and I are on day 4 of a whole 30 and it’s going really well. It’s a lot easier this time around. There a few things I enjoyed from my first whole 30 (like eggs for breakfast) that I had continued since the first time and I don’t have to think so much about the choices. Days 1 and 2 were wicked hard since we overdid it in NYC last weekend in terms of sugar, carbs, and caffeine (yay major headache); but after that it’s been pretty easy. The main reason I’m doing this is that despite only gaining a couple of lbs recently, I had started to see “fat Rachael” again when I looked in the mirror. After 1 day of whole 30 I started to see the real me again. I may enjoy those other foods more, but I don’t enjoy the way I feel about myself when I’m eating them.

In other news, we bought a house two days ago and have started a complete remodel of the inside. This thing hadn’t been updated since 1977 and the previous owners were smokers. I will start posting pictures as soon as we make more progress, though they would be more effective if they were scratch and sniff so you could smell the difference as well!

5ks are too short

So, today I ran the color me rad 5k. It was tons of fun, BUT I have to say I don’t really like 5ks, mainly because they are waaaay too short. Here’s the deal: you pay $25-$50, drive 45 minutes each way, and you run for 30 minutes and get a crappy shirt and no medal, because while yes it’s not easy to run 3 miles and you should be very proud of yourself for doing it, hell you should be proud of yourself for getting out of bed today, but it’s a lot more common to do a 5k so the swag isn’t that great. Plus, there’s not post race binging because you only ran 3 miles 😦 and let’s be honest, a big reason I run is to eat! But, like I said, this was a fun 5k! You dress in all white and then get pummeled with colored corn starch (liquid and powder) that leaves you dyed from head to toe. Then there’s an awesome after-party complete with crowd surfing, color bombs, and fire extinguishers full of that colored corn starch (probably reminiscent of spring break in cancun with post run adrenaline substituted for the alcohol). I highly recommend it, just don’t expect it to be a runners race (no mile markers, timing, good terrains, or bananas-my favorite post race snack). Here’s some pics from the race and yes I’ve put on some weight (I’m guessing 10-15lbs in the last 2-3 weeks, yay for life and the stress of it), but I’m hopefully starting another whole30 next Monday after hubby and I go to NYC next weekend for his 30th birthday.









So, yesterday a friend asked me what I’m passionate about and I didn’t really have an answer. I feel like I spend most of my time thinking about other people’s needs (both physical and emotional) and so I don’t spend much time thinking about what I’m passionate about and whether I’m spending my time and energy on those things. I spend a lot of time and energy on a lot of things, but does that mean I’m passionate about them? So here’s my list:

1) my kids and my family- these are the people I would fight for, lay down my life for, do anything for; and family for me is a loose term because it includes the friends for whom I care deeply, I didn’t have much extended family growing up so I think that’s why this has adapted into this, and I also moved around a lot so that’s why I make friends easily, lose them easily, and count the ones as family that stay around

2) my faith-it’s unwavering, I have no doubts, I know what I believe, I may not be comfortable talking about it (probably because I’m so passionate about it that it sits in a deep part of my heart that I’m not comfortable sharing with others) but it doesn’t make my faith any less real than the person that’s gonna debate you about it till they are blue in the face

3)other moms- helping everyone of them realize that they aren’t alone, no one is judging them and that, if someone is, it says more about the other person than it does about them, also, that they are all amazing moms and their kids are amazing; so excited about the mops group I’m starting next week to help channel this passion

4) making others feel included- this kinda goes along with the mom thing, but it really extends past that; I think I’ve spent my whole life as an outsider and so I don’t want anyone else to ever feel that way, that’s why I share things (personal details) with people and invite everyone everywhere; if I can make one more person feel loved and included, then I’ll do it

5)Physical fitness- I know this is a shocker, but I am very passionate about this. I love when other people decide to take a step towards healthy living, especially when it involves running 😀 but I’m also not gonna guilt people if they can’t. Everyone is in a different season of life where different things are priorities and that’s ok if physical fitness isn’t a priority for a person right now. As long as it becomes one at some point, because its very important for mental, physical, and emotional health, then that’s all that matters.

6)Music- I have a constant running track in my head and usually have music playing in some way or another. Thankfully I have two children that share my love of music, so it makes every day better!

7)Dancing- I love doing it in any form I can! It’s my greatest source of joy lately (other than those two amazing kids)! The only problem with dancing is that a lot of the varieties require a partner and that’s just not as much fun (it’s not really hubby’s forte)…thankfully I’ve started line dancing and most of the dances can be done alone. Yay!

8) Enjoying life and making the most of every day- This seems to me like something everyone would be passionate about, but I just don’t know. For me it’s about finding what makes you happy and enjoying that to the fullest each day, not worrying about things I can’t change or control, and loving on those that are important to me.

So back to my original question: am I spending my time pursuing the things I’m passionate about?

And I can answer that with a resounding YES!

Update on balance and diet

So, I’ve been completely off any whole 30 resemblance diet for about 3 weeks now. I got to the point where I had no appetite. Nothing sounded appetizing, whole 30 compliant or otherwise, and I just wasn’t enjoying food anymore. This made me really quite bummed. I actually lost 4lbs one week simply from not eating because I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t craving anything. I’m blaming this feeling on the whole30. I feel like I trained my body not to give in to cravings of any sort and then it just became easier not to eat than to eat something I didn’t want and would take a lot of time to prepare.

So, for the last 3 weeks I’ve just been trying to rediscover my love for food. I’m trying to find that balance still…I eat what I want when I want to and I don’t eat if I’m not hungry or nothing sounds good. I put back on 1.5lbs of those 4 that I lost that I didn’t want to. I felt like once I got down those 4lbs my curves were starting to disappear. I want to be healthy, not skinny.

Ive had a couple of amazing food experiences in the last couple of days, so I think my love of food is returning! Yay! Going out for lasagna on federal hill today for lunch, mmm!

I start officially training for my half marathons in a week or two, so that should help boost the appetite too.

Will keep you posted!