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5ks are too short

So, today I ran the color me rad 5k. It was tons of fun, BUT I have to say I don’t really like 5ks, mainly because they are waaaay too short. Here’s the deal: you pay $25-$50, drive 45 minutes each way, and you run for 30 minutes and get a crappy shirt and no medal, because while yes it’s not easy to run 3 miles and you should be very proud of yourself for doing it, hell you should be proud of yourself for getting out of bed today, but it’s a lot more common to do a 5k so the swag isn’t that great. Plus, there’s not post race binging because you only ran 3 miles 😦 and let’s be honest, a big reason I run is to eat! But, like I said, this was a fun 5k! You dress in all white and then get pummeled with colored corn starch (liquid and powder) that leaves you dyed from head to toe. Then there’s an awesome after-party complete with crowd surfing, color bombs, and fire extinguishers full of that colored corn starch (probably reminiscent of spring break in cancun with post run adrenaline substituted for the alcohol). I highly recommend it, just don’t expect it to be a runners race (no mile markers, timing, good terrains, or bananas-my favorite post race snack). Here’s some pics from the race and yes I’ve put on some weight (I’m guessing 10-15lbs in the last 2-3 weeks, yay for life and the stress of it), but I’m hopefully starting another whole30 next Monday after hubby and I go to NYC next weekend for his 30th birthday.









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