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Day 2: whole 30 2.0

So today was tough, I stuck to the plan, but it was emotionally tough. We are having a stressful time right now figuring out our long-term housing situation. Every house we find that seems like the perfect house has just been sold. The point of telling you this is that I couldn’t figure out why this was stressing me out so bad and why I was soo depressed. Normally I’m a pretty even-keeled person. However, that’s because I cope with food. And right now I can’t and I don’t want to. I read this book called “Made to Crave” when I started my first whole 30 and it’s all about learning to find comfort in God and not food. This is where the problem lies. I’ve removed food but haven’t replaced it with God, if that makes sense. And I know it’s my fault. I know that there are some road blocks I’ve recently put between myself and God and I’m not quite ready to remove them (yes I know I should and I’m not looking for a pep talk on removing them, I’m just not there yet). So here I stand, with no coping mechanism. Stressed out, but staying strong!

So back to the whole 30. I had my omelet for breakfast, then a snack of fruit and nuts around 12:30 (was running errands all morning). Then lunch was two whole 30 hot dogs and a banana. For dinner, we grilled burgers and used lettuce instead of buns. Matt had made a cayenne mayo that we put on top which took the place of cheese really well. We then made some sweet potato chips. Great meal. I’m attaching a pic of my bunless burger.

Tomorrow will be my omelet for breakfast, tuna salad lettuce wraps for lunch, and our delicious pork chop and squash bake for dinner!



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