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Day 1: whole 30 2.0

So, today I restarted the whole 30. I had been off it officially for 4 days and I hated it! I had no self-control (I had pizza, chocolate, twizzlers, Starbucks, soda, and coconut cake) and I felt like crap both mentally and physically. So I decided to go ahead and start another whole30, because, despite all my whining, I loved the way I felt! I didn’t feel guilty about what I was eating and I felt amazingly hot and physically I felt great! In the last four days, my allergies have been horrible and despite getting more sleep I’ve been exhausted! I also noticed that the cough I used to have in the mornings and when I run has returned.

On a positive note, I had my omelet for breakfast and then a banana as a pre-run snack and I didn’t have any indigestion during my run today! Yay! Considering I really want this to be a long-term style of eating, I have to figure out something whole 30 approved to have on run days.

For lunch today, I did tuna salad in lettuce wraps. Then for dinner we had meat sauce over spaghetti squash, delicious!

Tomorrow night we are doing burgers in lettuce wraps instead of buns (something I had at flip burger and it was amazing!). Probably will just do tuna salad for lunch and my omelet for breakfast.

It’s amazing the number of people I know that are thoroughly interested in this diet since I started it, had such success, and loved it. I’m really glad that I can have such a positive impact on people! I’ve noticed the same thing with my running addiction…



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