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Day 30: whole30 and whole30 recap

So yesterday was my official last day of the whole 30 and I have to say I feel pretty great. I would say I feel better overall and I feel better about myself. However tomorrow morning will be the real test. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and weigh myself and I will try on my “skinny jeans”. I weighed myself this morning on the scale at my moms house and it looks like I’m about 10lbs since I started but this scale could just be off 10lbs from my scale at home and I may not have lost anything…

So here’s a recap of what I liked and didn’t like about the whole30:

-easy to understand and know whether you were following it or not
-no guilt if you just didn’t eat what was on the “no” list
-feeling better about myself

Didn’t like:
-no room for any sort of desserts, you either followed the diet or didn’t, some moderation would have been nice
-never figured out what to eat before runs…my body likes to burn carbs and sugars while I run…


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