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Day 25: whole 30

Today went great. I didn’t cheat at all! We went out for brunch, so I ate a normal breakfast and then ordered steak and eggs no oil or butter, plus tomatoes instead of potatoes and no English muffin. It was an effort but I did it! Dinner was lamb and shish kabobs. I love jumping right back on the wagon after I’ve fallen off (and its backed over me a few times)!
Somebody said to me after yesterday’s post that I wasn’t doing the whole30 anymore. After wanting to tell them which bridge to jump off of, I just told them that I’m doing the best I can! Like Lisa Terkeust says its about imperfect progress! I may not be a perfect whole 30er, but I’m a billion percent better than I was 25 days ago and I feel and look amazing! I’ve had no seasonal allergies (I normally have them pretty bad) or any aches or pains (I used to take Advil more days of the week than not for headaches or other pains) plus I’ve been sleeping amazingly and I wake up refreshed and don’t need naps! 5 days to go!


2 thoughts on “Day 25: whole 30

  1. I found your blog through tags and read couple of your posts. Did’t have the time to look for where did you start and how much you have lost weight so far, but your entries seemed very nice 🙂 Feels like your really into what you are doing right now, and it’s going well. I also started a diet a while ago, as I noticed that I had gotten few extra kilos compared to where I used to be..so it’s motivating to follow others weight loss as well 🙂

    • Thanks, I started at 208lbs around last October when I started running and I’m down to about 168 now and still going. I plateaued around 178 because while I was running, I was eating junk. About a month ago I started the whole30 and that’s what has accounted for the most recent weight loss.

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