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Day 24: whole 30

So today went great…until dinner. Oh my goodness! I could not have blown it more if I had tried! I had bread, cheese, wine, pasta, and oh the desserts! I went out to eat with my cousin who I haven’t seen in forever and we went to this amazing Italian restaurant. I’m fairly certain there was nothing on that menu I could have eaten and so I decided that I wanted to eat the food. Not because I was craving it or couldn’t control myself but because I made the decision to eat it. AND it was amazing! This was some of the best food I’ve eaten! However, that may be because I haven’t eaten some of these things in weeks. I think it was a good window into how my life post whole30 will. I will make great decisions most of them time and occasionally I will have delicious meals that completely blow the plan. However, unlike pre whole30, this won’t be the norm and so I’ll look and feel better!


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