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Day 22: whole 30

So today was another day where I did really well food wise but then I blew it with alcohol. Thankfully, tomorrow we head back to Georgia from the beach and so I won’t have the tiki bar (well that’s not technically true but it won’t be nearly as conventient) or going out to eat most nights to worry about.

On a different note, I’ve decided that after I finish this whole 30 I’m gonna take a couple day break to eat some of the things I’ve been missing. Mainly to have my piece of birthday cake, there’s not much else I miss. Then, I’m gonna do another whole30. I feel like at the end of my whole 30 it will really only be like the whole22 and I want to do it completely. Thankfully, it should be loads easier this time since I won’t be visiting family and staying at someone’s house who isn’t following the same diet I am. My hubby is almost done (I think he has like 2 days left) and he loves it and will probably continue doing it. He’s noticed some major changes, not the least of which is that his ceriosis (sp?) has greatly improved. I think he’s down around 210 (that’s about 50lbs total he has lost). So, it will be really easy to do it with him as my partner.

Headed home tomorrow, not sure what we are doing for meals but I think I’m gonna at least pack tuna salad for lunch. I’ve had an amazing time in Daytona and can’t wait to come back!


2 thoughts on “Day 22: whole 30

  1. I’m right there with you, with alcohol! Same situation for me last month when we went on vacation. Keep up the great work! We all fall down, it’s getting up that makes you a winner!!!

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