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Day 21: whole 30

So today went pretty well, no cheating and I ran 3 miles. I like running only 3 miles because I don’t feel like I have to do pre and post workout meals (which to be honest they confuse me). I’m going out tonight so I may cheat, we will see!

So, I’m finding something with people that I find interesting. People put way to much of the excitement and enjoyment of their day into what they eat. Trust me I understand, I’ve been there, and I love good food (see description of the blog). But you can choose for 30 days to eat a certain way and to forgo those things that brighten your day. And who knows, by the end you may find what I’ve found, which is that you can get enjoyment out of life and simply eat good food for nourishment and not simply pleasure. Plus, once you detox your body and taste buds from the junk you are used to eating you, you actually really enjoy the food options on the whole 30!


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