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Day 14: whole30

So, today was my birthday and I have myself carte blache to cheat, especially when I decided not to pack a lunch, but once again I didn’t cheat!

We went to the aquarium for the day and they had a great salad bar that I loaded up on, complete with fresh cut fruit. I skipped the dressing which I’m realizing I don’t mind doing. I’m not completely sure the chicken was clean, but my main goal is eating guilt free and I made every effort to follow the whole30 plan, so I’m putting this meal in the books as clean!

For dinner we went to longhorn. I ordered the giant prime rib (which I was told was only seasoned with salt and pepper), vegetable medley (plain), and a sweet potato (plain). I did sniff the fresh bread for a few seconds, but didn’t eat. And I fed my birthday sunday to the kiddos, without hesitation!

In the book “Made to Crave”, the author talks about not using food to celebrate special occasions and I’m really noticing that that was my way before. Every special occasion had to include some special food, but now I’m working on enjoying other special aspects. Today was a day at the aquarium with my kiddos and mom followed by fireworks at stone mountain in the rain. It was a special day filled with special memories and none of them involved food (or the resulting guilt)! I’ve included a pic of my mom and kiddos waiting for the fireworks in the rain.

I don’t know what I’ll eat tomorrow (though I’m guessing it will probably involve an omelet and tuna salad), but I’m not as worried anymore about making good choices if I don’t have a plan. One more day and I’ll be halfway there, yippee!



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