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Day 13: whole30

So, the big news is that I didn’t cheat! I gave myself permission to, but didn’t want to! Woohoo! My race went great and I finished it in 1:11:24. Not bad for somebody that couldn’t run for a minute in October! The ribs with the whole30 BBQ sauce were amazing! I didn’t feel cheated at all today, except for wanting some powerade and an ice cream sandwich after the race.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, but here’s the game plan for food (oh yeah, it’s my birthday tomorrow!):
Breakfast: shrimp, mushroom, asparagus omelet; grapefruit, and green juice
Lunch: tuna salad on a salad
Dinner: steaks grilled, not sure about the sides yet…

I’ve decided to skip the cake, I really will be just as happy with fruit. I bought some pineapple today, mmm!

Here’s the only pic I got of my kids in their 4th of July outfits…oh well!



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