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Day 11: whole30

Today was great! I had errands to run all day, so I picked up a salad from Harry’s (whole foods). It was delicious! They have rotisserie chicken that has only salt and pepper. Then a wide variety of veggies to top it. I brought my own balsamic vinegar for dressing. I got a tub of fresh cut fruit. It was perfect!

Today, I had major cravings! I got my hair done next to a taco Mac and coldstone creamery that I used to work at, so they have an emotional connection. I thought about throwing in the towel, just to have a cake batter ice cream with brownie mixed in! Mmm! But the funny thing is that I don’t want to throw the whole diet away, I don’t want anything off the diet other than desserts (cake and ice cream!). However, once again I overcame it! Woohoo! I really don’t miss the guilt of eating those things and today I wore some shorts that were tight two weeks ago and today they were loose! Totally worth the sacrifice!

Tomorrow’s menu:
Breakfast: same old omelet, grapefruit, green juice
Lunch: chicken salad with grapes and pecans on a spring mix, with pineapple
Dinner: we are gonna cook beef tips in the crock pot with mushrooms and onion and arrowroot powder to make a gravy and then put it over spaghetti squash

Here’s a pic of my new hairstyle!



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