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Day 8 and 9: Whole30

So, life got in the way of me posting yesterday, but I’m still going strong. This recipe for green chicken was delicious! I left out the mint and substituted olive oil for the fish sauce and it was great! Amazingly tender and delicious. Today I went back to my normal asparagus and shrimp omelet and then for lunch I had my salmon and avocado on a bed of greens with cantaloupe.

So, yesterday I was seriously jones-ing for an oatmeal cookie. So random! I never wanted oatmeal cookies before, but yesterday I was willing to quit the whole stupid whole30 just to eat a cookie. I mean I don’t have any serious health issues to solve and I am in the healthy weight range, why can’t I eat crap if I want to?!?! (This was the dialogue going through my head) BUT I stayed strong and ate a Lara bar instead. Now, “It Starts with Food” talks about not substituting Whole30 approved foods for sweets when you are craving them and I’ve been pretty good about this, but yesterday it was either a Lara bar or a cookie, so I went with the Lara bar and I’m pretty proud of myself.

In other news, my birthday is coming up in 5 days and today I went into Publix and they had tons of delicious baked goods. So, I started obsessing about cheating on my whole30 to have a piece of cake on my birthday (oh woah is me, I got all my birthday presents early, so if I don’t eat cake then my birthday is going to be like every other day of the year, nothing special, how depressing). I had decided to eat a piece, when I realized that obsessing about food 5 days beforehand was exactly the reason I wanted to do the whole30. So, I’m skipping the cake!

So, for dinner tonight we are doing grilled chicken, squash, and cabbage

Tomorrow is another run day, but I’m trying my full meal 1 before the run, so I have fuel for my muscles.

Meal 1: hamburger steak, asparagus, banana, and leftover squash or zucchini from previous dinners

Meal 2: salad with salmon and avocado, balsamic vinegar as a dressing, probably cantaloupe as well

Meal 3: beef sautéed with mushrooms, onion, and garlic on spaghetti squash (trying to get the beef stroganoff feel with out the yucky)

I’m trying to cut out the snacks, but that’s still proving difficult. I already had some cashews after lunch and I’m still starving. A little over an hour till dinner! I can do it!


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