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Day 7: Whole30

Today I went for a run after I ate my boiled egg…which lasted me about 1.5miles…and then I ate a Lara bar (which was delicious!) which lasted me another 2 miles. Then, I walked another 4.5miles (8 miles total). I really think I need to eat more before I run. I’m gonna try a bigger, non-egg, breakfast on Monday. More on that later!

For lunch today, we made the mayo from the “It starts with food” book and made some tuna salad and put it on a salad (delicious!)
Today we went out for dinner, because I didn’t realize I needed to marinate my chicken for a while, so I’m gonna try to do it for dinner tomorrow night instead.
I was very proud of myself, I got a salad with vinegar on it, crab legs with drawn (clarified) butter and a baked plain sweet potato. They had decadent desserts (my favorite, coconut cake) and hush puppies (mmmm) and I chose not to eat them. So proud of myself.

So tomorrow I’m doing:
Breakfast:this delicious blueberry tortilla and some grapefruit, and some green juice.
Lunch: my same salad with a grilled protein, avocado, and some fruit
Dinner: the green chicken I’ve been trying to make for a few nights, grilled zucchini, and squash cooked some way

Here’s a pic of my tuna salad salad



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