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Day 6: Whole30

So today was day 6 and I finally went to whole foods for myself. That store is awesome when it comes to knowing what’s in what you are eating! I got coconut milk, oil, and unsweetened flakes along with a bunch of other whole30 compliant items. We moved from the house to the lake (house boat) and let me tell you, it’s gonna take everything in me not to drink while up here! I’m already allowing myself one night to go out while we are in Daytona in a couple weeks, but I really want a piña colada! I’m really enjoying all of the diet except the no alcohol part. I’m not really a heavy drinker, just a social one , but it sucks just the same! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

I ended up picking up a salad from Whole Foods organic salad bar with rotisserie chicken on top. All the ingredients of every item were listed so it was easy to tell if it was Whole30 compliant. For dinner, I picked up some smoked pork kielbasa and some sauerkraut, supper easy and yummy!

Tomorrow another running day, so here’s the plan:
After wake-up: 1 boiled egg and green juice
During run: gonna try a Lara bar around mile 3 or 4
Meal 1 (after run): tuna, baby food packet, and coconut flakes
Meal 2: my typical salad
Meal 3: this grilled chicken, the green one minus the mint, some grilled zucchini, and some sweet potatoes


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