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Day 5: Whole30

Ok, so today went good despite the fact that I would kill for an Oreo and a slice of pizza right now!

I had my pre-workout boiled egg, but didn’t get a chance to run before I was starving so I ended up having my post-workout meal 1 before I ran. I had a hamburger steak with spinach and a peach. Then I ran and it went great! I ran faster and farther than usual. I think today was my first taste of what the whole30 people call “tiger blood”. I woke up at 6:30 feeling refreshed and ready to go. I ran my 6 miles easily and I didn’t need a nap!

Tomorrow is move day so it will be a little complicated…
For breakfast I’ll have my mushroom and shrimp omelet.
Lunch: I’m gonna try to pick up some beef jerky and other whole30 approved foods when I’m at whole foods to eat for lunch. Though I don’t want to get into the habit of eat Lara bars for meals, I’ve heard they are whole30 approved and tomorrow may have to be an exception….
Dinner: something on the grill! So excited to have access to a grill instead of just an oven! I’m thinking one of the delicious chicken leg recipes I’ve seen and some grilled zucchini!

So I’m getting this weird toning on my sides and its made me realize, I am just really big boned! I’ve joked about this my whole life (that my bones are bigger than some girls whole bodies) but I’m finally seeing my bones through my blubber and its not much smaller than I currently am. Interesting…

Just for kicks, here’s a pic of me and my daughter at the pool today!



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