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Day 4: Whole30

So, today was great! I did end up eating a hand full of almonds between lunch and dinner, but really who cares?!?!im already seeing amazing results after only 4 days! I was trying to figure out what a weird little bulge was on my hip and realized that its my hip bone! 4 days! This may be the best diet ever!

Tomorrow I’m gonna try running in the morning again. I will eat one boiled egg around 8:30 and then run around 9:30. Hoping this elimates the heartburn. Then, when I’m done running around 11:30 I will eat meal 1. Which will be a hamburger steak and some steamed spinach. I may also have one of the pouches of baby food sweet potatoes too (my schedule changed last minute so I am having to improv my meal 1). I will probably do some sort of baked chicken or salmon salad for meal 2 (around 1:30 or 2 ish) and then I have to figure out what I’m doing for dinner. Thinking of all the possibilities, it’s funny the whole30 non-compliant foods like pizza and pasta have no appeal to me at all! Tonight’s squash bake with pan seared pork chops and diced can tomatoes was amazing! I could eat that for dinner every night! Though I think my mom and kids would complain.


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