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Day 2: Whole30

So today was day 2 and I pretty much followed what I said I was gonna eat yesterday. Go me! Today was really hard the whole time between lunch and dinner. I’m starting to think I should have put the kiddos on the whole30 with me, so I didn’t have all their junk food around. Plus, my mom was supposed to be my partner in this journey, but hasn’t been feeling good so she’s been eating all the crap I want to eat in front of me (its the whole comfort from food thing I’m trying to break myself from and it’s hereditary). PLUS, my mom is moving on Friday of this week to her houseboat and so there are barely any cooking utensils or spices here to cook with which is making it extra challenging to add any variety into the mix. I’m getting really sick and tired of some meat with garlic, salt, and pepper on it!
2 days down, 28 to go! If I stop now, I’ll be quitting, but in 28 days I can make an informed decision about whether I want this lifestyle or not (a decision that will be based more on facts than my addiction to carbs and sugar! I thought about quitting today, but I don’t really want to eat those bad foods (when I stop and think about it).
So here’s what I’m having tomorrow to eat:
Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with mushroom, asparagus, and shrimp (this was delicious this morning but the two eggs left me hungry before lunch time) and a half a grapefruit, green juice
Snack after running: banana, I know the book says not to do fruit after running, but the thought of anymore protein after eggs for breakfast, makes me want to throw up; we will mark this as an area for improvement
Lunch: same salad, spring mix, avocado, cucumbers, with baked chicken on top; some grapes
Dinner: baked chicken with something; after taking my son to see Monsters University tomorrow (pray for my will not to eat popcorn) we are going to stop by the farm stand and pick up some veggies and fruits so we will see what they have and what looks good for dinner!
If I get hungry between meals, I always have my natural raw almonds. A small handful goes a long way! This helps me avoid the deprivation to degradation part of dieting.

By the way, today I broke the rules and weighed myself. Since last Sunday, I am down 9lbs! Woohoo!

Current weight:170
Goal weight: 150


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