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Day 5: pre-Whole30 diet

So today was day 5 and I have to say its going great! I still had my chobani for breakfast, but after that I followed the plan. We went to Chickfila, where I was planning on blowing my diet but decided it wasn’t worth it. I got a 12 pack of grilled nuggets and a large fruit bowl. I discovered later that their grilled nuggets have sugar AND MSG. Why?!?! So I’m so glad I’m doing the test drive of the diet before I officially start! I’ve decided to officially start tomorrow. I weighed myself and I’ve lost 7lbs since Sunday! You aren’t supposed to weigh yourself on the Whole30, so this will be my last weigh in for a month.
In other news, my hubby has been doing the Whole30 diet since Tuesday and he actually texted me today “I love this diet!” So that is awesome! Can’t wait to see him in 30 days to see his transformation!

Tomorrows meals:
Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with shrimp, mushrooms, tomato, and asparagus; a half a grapefruit and maybe an avocado
Post workout: leftover zucchini and squash (maybe an egg)
Lunch: chicken on a salad and some nuts and a peach
Dinner: baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and some squash


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