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Day 4: pre-whole30 diet

So, today is day 4 of no desserts and trying to cut down on all the other junk that I eat that I’ll have to cut out completely and it’s going pretty good. Yesterday was pretty easy because I had fruity sugary drinks at the pool. So while I did have actual desserts, I had plenty of sugar. But I was very proud of myself at dinner. We went out for mexican and I got something that wasn’t covered in cheese and sour cream and I skipped the tortillas. And I didn’t die! Yesterday for lunch and today for lunch I got blackened mahi on a garden salad at the pool and today I skipped the croutons and the oil for my dressing. Unfortunately, since I ran this morning (my thrice weekly 6 miles), I was starving still! So, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m reading “made to crave” right now and she says the “deprivation leads to degradation” and this is totally true! I was starving and since I didn’t pack any healthy snacks for myself, I devoured the goldfish I brought for the kiddos. Mental note: pack snacks for me!
But, thankfully there was only a limited amount of goldfish to eat and so I didn’t do too much damage and now I’m at home eating some cantaloupe instead (and its more delicious, filling, and guilt free).
Tonight, thankfully, we are gonna bake some chicken and eat at home. So not too many temptations!
By the way, deciding to go on an extreme diet while on a five week vacation was an awesome idea! It’s like my own personal weight loss spa! Plus, none of the every day temptations of home!


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