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Day 2: Pre-Whole30 diet

So, today is day 2 and I have to admit that skipping desserts has been easier so fat today than it was yesterday. Today I’m flying to visit family with my two kiddos…by myself, which is a major stressor and a great excuse to stress eat, right? Not today!
About a week ago I cut out caffeine and so it was really weird to walk through the airport and not pick-up a diet coke and a pack of pb m&ms (my go-to airplane snack). I packed healthy lunches and snacks for the kids and I and trust me, they were a lot tastier than the junk you can buy at the airport or that they give you on the plane!
I’m also reading a book called “Made to Crave” by Lisa Terkeust that talks about how we become so obsessed with food that we go to it when we should be going to God. Great book! Especially along with the “It Starts with Food” book I read on Sunday. “Made to Crave” gives the spiritual motivation for changing our eating habits while “It Starts with Food” gave the physical reasons. The main thing I’ve started noticing lately is all the advertisements for food that seem to suck me in. Panera had signs outside for a Shrimp sub and immediately I wanted a Shrimp sub. I wondered if I will ever be free of their influence, but I decided that I’m gonna treat them like I do signs for strip clubs or other stores I have no interest in going to and JUST IGNORE THEM! That is something that “It Starts with Food” taught me, sometimes you just have to own up to your own choices in life and you have to be a grown-up about what you choose to eat! No more: I need this _____ or I deserve ____. These foods just aren’t good for me and I shouldn’t eat them anymore. Well, except for tonight cause we are eating at Mellow Mushroom!


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