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The whole30

So, I’ve been stuck in the same 5lb weight range for a while now and my hubby (who I find extremely attractive) is stuck just above the overweight range on the BMI chart. So, I decided we need to try something different eating-wise. I recently cut out caffeine and I’m feeling 100% better than I was before and I’ve really been wanting to cut out sugar. The Whole30 does that and so much more! It’s basically cutting out all the things that cause us to be unhealthy (for a variety of reasons) and once you’ve cut them all out long enough to let your body detox, you check on adding them back in (if you want). So here’s the link to the website, but basically it’s: no sugars or sweeteners, no alcohol, no dairy, no legumes, and no grains for 30 days. You also don’t want to substitute things for desserts to trick yourself into thinking you had them. So, no desserts made from the stuff that’s allowed and if you feel like you have to have something sweet after every meal, stop. It’s about being a grown up and making choices for yourself so that you can be healthier. The only blaring medical problem I have right now is allergies, so we will see if this helps. Matt is gonna start on Tuesday (the 18th) and my mom and I will officially start on Sunday. It says that the first two weeks can be kinda harsh in terms of detoxing so I’m gonna pretty much start tomorrow, however you aren’t allowed to cheat in your 30 days and so I’m giving mom (shes hopefully doing it with me) and myself 5 days to eat junk before we get intense. The reason I want to start cutting things out early is because I have the peachtree road race in my first two weeks and so I don’t want to be too out of it for that. So tomorrow my goal is no desserts (baby steps before the big leap!). Wish me luck!

Current Weight:178
Goal Weight by 10/1/13: 148


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