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Day 1: Pre-whole 30

So, today was day 1 of my pre-whole30 cutting back. Like I mentioned, my mom and I are starting the Whole30 on Sunday because I want to get a couple of my Atlanta favs in (Chickfila and Mellow Mushroom) before strictly following the Whole30 for the rest of my trip. However, I know I’ve got a bad sugar addiction so I figure it couldn’t hurt to start breaking that now before I officially start the Whole30. So today I’m starting no desserts. Some of you may say, well that’s easy! Not for me! I eat 2 to 4 desserts every day. Kids fussing too much? Eat a dessert! Somebody posts something I don’t like on FB? Don’t respond, eat a dessert! Bored? Eat a dessert! Tired? Eat a dessert! After reading the “it starts with food” book, I now understand why! I’ve basically trained my body to eat sugar because it will make me feel better and this has to stop! So today when I really wanted to buy those yogurt covered pretzels at whole foods (hey, they don’t sell anything unhealthy at whole foods, right?) and eat the whole thing because my morning didn’t go exactly right, I didn’t! I bought some cashews and some olives (both things I really like) and had a few of those! Yes, I know I have 6 hours at least till bed time, but that’s easy since I’m going out dancing tonight!


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