Day 8 and 9: Whole30

So, life got in the way of me posting yesterday, but I’m still going strong. This recipe for green chicken was delicious! I left out the mint and substituted olive oil for the fish sauce and it was great! Amazingly tender and delicious. Today I went back to my normal asparagus and shrimp omelet and then for lunch I had my salmon and avocado on a bed of greens with cantaloupe.

So, yesterday I was seriously jones-ing for an oatmeal cookie. So random! I never wanted oatmeal cookies before, but yesterday I was willing to quit the whole stupid whole30 just to eat a cookie. I mean I don’t have any serious health issues to solve and I am in the healthy weight range, why can’t I eat crap if I want to?!?! (This was the dialogue going through my head) BUT I stayed strong and ate a Lara bar instead. Now, “It Starts with Food” talks about not substituting Whole30 approved foods for sweets when you are craving them and I’ve been pretty good about this, but yesterday it was either a Lara bar or a cookie, so I went with the Lara bar and I’m pretty proud of myself.

In other news, my birthday is coming up in 5 days and today I went into Publix and they had tons of delicious baked goods. So, I started obsessing about cheating on my whole30 to have a piece of cake on my birthday (oh woah is me, I got all my birthday presents early, so if I don’t eat cake then my birthday is going to be like every other day of the year, nothing special, how depressing). I had decided to eat a piece, when I realized that obsessing about food 5 days beforehand was exactly the reason I wanted to do the whole30. So, I’m skipping the cake!

So, for dinner tonight we are doing grilled chicken, squash, and cabbage

Tomorrow is another run day, but I’m trying my full meal 1 before the run, so I have fuel for my muscles.

Meal 1: hamburger steak, asparagus, banana, and leftover squash or zucchini from previous dinners

Meal 2: salad with salmon and avocado, balsamic vinegar as a dressing, probably cantaloupe as well

Meal 3: beef sautéed with mushrooms, onion, and garlic on spaghetti squash (trying to get the beef stroganoff feel with out the yucky)

I’m trying to cut out the snacks, but that’s still proving difficult. I already had some cashews after lunch and I’m still starving. A little over an hour till dinner! I can do it!


Day 7: Whole30

Today I went for a run after I ate my boiled egg…which lasted me about 1.5miles…and then I ate a Lara bar (which was delicious!) which lasted me another 2 miles. Then, I walked another 4.5miles (8 miles total). I really think I need to eat more before I run. I’m gonna try a bigger, non-egg, breakfast on Monday. More on that later!

For lunch today, we made the mayo from the “It starts with food” book and made some tuna salad and put it on a salad (delicious!)
Today we went out for dinner, because I didn’t realize I needed to marinate my chicken for a while, so I’m gonna try to do it for dinner tomorrow night instead.
I was very proud of myself, I got a salad with vinegar on it, crab legs with drawn (clarified) butter and a baked plain sweet potato. They had decadent desserts (my favorite, coconut cake) and hush puppies (mmmm) and I chose not to eat them. So proud of myself.

So tomorrow I’m doing:
Breakfast:this delicious blueberry tortilla and some grapefruit, and some green juice.
Lunch: my same salad with a grilled protein, avocado, and some fruit
Dinner: the green chicken I’ve been trying to make for a few nights, grilled zucchini, and squash cooked some way

Here’s a pic of my tuna salad salad


Day 6: Whole30

So today was day 6 and I finally went to whole foods for myself. That store is awesome when it comes to knowing what’s in what you are eating! I got coconut milk, oil, and unsweetened flakes along with a bunch of other whole30 compliant items. We moved from the house to the lake (house boat) and let me tell you, it’s gonna take everything in me not to drink while up here! I’m already allowing myself one night to go out while we are in Daytona in a couple weeks, but I really want a piña colada! I’m really enjoying all of the diet except the no alcohol part. I’m not really a heavy drinker, just a social one , but it sucks just the same! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

I ended up picking up a salad from Whole Foods organic salad bar with rotisserie chicken on top. All the ingredients of every item were listed so it was easy to tell if it was Whole30 compliant. For dinner, I picked up some smoked pork kielbasa and some sauerkraut, supper easy and yummy!

Tomorrow another running day, so here’s the plan:
After wake-up: 1 boiled egg and green juice
During run: gonna try a Lara bar around mile 3 or 4
Meal 1 (after run): tuna, baby food packet, and coconut flakes
Meal 2: my typical salad
Meal 3: this grilled chicken, the green one minus the mint, some grilled zucchini, and some sweet potatoes

Day 5: Whole30

Ok, so today went good despite the fact that I would kill for an Oreo and a slice of pizza right now!

I had my pre-workout boiled egg, but didn’t get a chance to run before I was starving so I ended up having my post-workout meal 1 before I ran. I had a hamburger steak with spinach and a peach. Then I ran and it went great! I ran faster and farther than usual. I think today was my first taste of what the whole30 people call “tiger blood”. I woke up at 6:30 feeling refreshed and ready to go. I ran my 6 miles easily and I didn’t need a nap!

Tomorrow is move day so it will be a little complicated…
For breakfast I’ll have my mushroom and shrimp omelet.
Lunch: I’m gonna try to pick up some beef jerky and other whole30 approved foods when I’m at whole foods to eat for lunch. Though I don’t want to get into the habit of eat Lara bars for meals, I’ve heard they are whole30 approved and tomorrow may have to be an exception….
Dinner: something on the grill! So excited to have access to a grill instead of just an oven! I’m thinking one of the delicious chicken leg recipes I’ve seen and some grilled zucchini!

So I’m getting this weird toning on my sides and its made me realize, I am just really big boned! I’ve joked about this my whole life (that my bones are bigger than some girls whole bodies) but I’m finally seeing my bones through my blubber and its not much smaller than I currently am. Interesting…

Just for kicks, here’s a pic of me and my daughter at the pool today!


Day 4: Whole30

So, today was great! I did end up eating a hand full of almonds between lunch and dinner, but really who cares?!?!im already seeing amazing results after only 4 days! I was trying to figure out what a weird little bulge was on my hip and realized that its my hip bone! 4 days! This may be the best diet ever!

Tomorrow I’m gonna try running in the morning again. I will eat one boiled egg around 8:30 and then run around 9:30. Hoping this elimates the heartburn. Then, when I’m done running around 11:30 I will eat meal 1. Which will be a hamburger steak and some steamed spinach. I may also have one of the pouches of baby food sweet potatoes too (my schedule changed last minute so I am having to improv my meal 1). I will probably do some sort of baked chicken or salmon salad for meal 2 (around 1:30 or 2 ish) and then I have to figure out what I’m doing for dinner. Thinking of all the possibilities, it’s funny the whole30 non-compliant foods like pizza and pasta have no appeal to me at all! Tonight’s squash bake with pan seared pork chops and diced can tomatoes was amazing! I could eat that for dinner every night! Though I think my mom and kids would complain.

Day 3: Whole30

So, today was day 3 and I’m still going strong! I went to the movie with my sister today and even resisted the popcorn she offered! It’s funny, I may have a craving for something (like a giant brewsters strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone) when I drive by the restaurant but I just say no and it passes and I don’t have guilt for 5 hours after the euphoria of eating it (whatever it is) has passed.

Today’s challenge: I went for a run after breakfast and got horrible indigestion. I had to quit after 3.5miles and run to the grocery store to buy some applesauce (the natural kind) to chug to relieve it before it got too bad. I’m going to try one boiled egg before my run on Wednesday and see how that goes. If that doesn’t work, on Saturday I’ll try just a banana which is less Whole30 compliant but still better than my chobani.

Realization: This diet is perfect for me. There’s no cheating. There are no points or calorie counts to manipulate. You just don’t eat certain foods and any cheating negates the whole thing. There’s also no guilt because of this. Perfect for me!

Tomorrows food:
Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with shrimp, spinach, and mushrooms, and half a grapefruit
Lunch: salmon on salad with avocado and cucumbers and some cantaloupe
Dinner: chicken with pasta sauce and squash, I’ll post a pic of what this looked like before, but this time I’m gonna try baking the squash with the chicken and sauce

Today’s goal: no snacking on fruit and nuts

10% done, woohoo!


Day 2: Whole30

So today was day 2 and I pretty much followed what I said I was gonna eat yesterday. Go me! Today was really hard the whole time between lunch and dinner. I’m starting to think I should have put the kiddos on the whole30 with me, so I didn’t have all their junk food around. Plus, my mom was supposed to be my partner in this journey, but hasn’t been feeling good so she’s been eating all the crap I want to eat in front of me (its the whole comfort from food thing I’m trying to break myself from and it’s hereditary). PLUS, my mom is moving on Friday of this week to her houseboat and so there are barely any cooking utensils or spices here to cook with which is making it extra challenging to add any variety into the mix. I’m getting really sick and tired of some meat with garlic, salt, and pepper on it!
2 days down, 28 to go! If I stop now, I’ll be quitting, but in 28 days I can make an informed decision about whether I want this lifestyle or not (a decision that will be based more on facts than my addiction to carbs and sugar! I thought about quitting today, but I don’t really want to eat those bad foods (when I stop and think about it).
So here’s what I’m having tomorrow to eat:
Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with mushroom, asparagus, and shrimp (this was delicious this morning but the two eggs left me hungry before lunch time) and a half a grapefruit, green juice
Snack after running: banana, I know the book says not to do fruit after running, but the thought of anymore protein after eggs for breakfast, makes me want to throw up; we will mark this as an area for improvement
Lunch: same salad, spring mix, avocado, cucumbers, with baked chicken on top; some grapes
Dinner: baked chicken with something; after taking my son to see Monsters University tomorrow (pray for my will not to eat popcorn) we are going to stop by the farm stand and pick up some veggies and fruits so we will see what they have and what looks good for dinner!
If I get hungry between meals, I always have my natural raw almonds. A small handful goes a long way! This helps me avoid the deprivation to degradation part of dieting.

By the way, today I broke the rules and weighed myself. Since last Sunday, I am down 9lbs! Woohoo!

Current weight:170
Goal weight: 150