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Why you should run not walk!

Ok, so in the interest of honesty I just want to admit that I’m sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot eating an Oreo McFlurry while listening to the Smash soundtrack and writing this post…so on that note here’s why you should run and not walk:

The other day my friend (let’s call her Lisa) and I were running on the treadmill next to each other. I have apparently convinced her to run a half marathon (yay!). So this was her first time running, I’m sure not ever but in a while. She did awesome! She ran 3 miles in about 45 minutes! At one point she was running at about 4.3mph and she looked at me and basically said “I could walk at this speed, can I just do that?”

The answer is No!
(Although technically she could do whatever she wanted)
Here’s why:

1)If you are running at 4.3mph it is significantly easier to go to running at 5mph than if you are walking at 4.3mph. You use different muscles when you run than when you run. So, no matter how slow you run you are making those muscles stronger unlike when you walk at the same speed.

2)You burn more calories per mile when you run than when you walk. Here’s an article explaining why and how to calculate how many calories you burn based on your weight.

3) Probably because of the reasons discussed in the article above, you are gonna get toned a lot faster running than walking. Want the body of a runner? The only way to get it is running, no matter how slow, not walking.

One other thing: running sucks when you first start! Don’t give up just because you are sore, have a funky pain, or hate it! Look for solutions! Everything worth doing in life sucks in the beginning! You can do it!


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