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Worst mom ever?

So, today a few friends and I took our kids to the children’s museum here in Providence. There was a group of kids age 15-18 months old there with the daycare workers who take care of them. All the kids were walking, listened and played well, and were well tempered. My daughter, however, who is 17 months old (and has been at home with me since birth) doesn’t walk, wouldn’t let me put her down, and had a complete meltdown when another adult touched her with a pool noodle. My son never had these issues. He went to daycare full time till he was 18 months old. Would my daughter be better off if she went to daycare full time instead of staying at home with me? Would I be the worst mom ever if I sent her to full time daycare even though I don’t work? I know I’d miss her too much…but I still sometimes wonder.


5 thoughts on “Worst mom ever?

  1. There’s no way you could EVER be the worst mom ever. You care too much. And that’s why you are even considering this. 🙂 You are a good mom! Go with your gut and don’t let others judge you for it!

  2. It’s TOTALLY the temperament of the child! Andrew is an independent soul, always has been. Nora is a TOTAL momma’s girl. She’s attached to me firmly. I keep telling me it’s a phase. It’s hard, but I know I’ll look back on these days with a smile. (with that said – are you still interested in attachment parenting?! sometimes space can be a good thing!)

  3. It’s completely a function of the child! I’ve been a SAHM since Eva was born, and am not remotely an attachment parent, but she’s a darned independent little kid. There’s nothing wrong with Eva; there’s nothing wrong with Lily. They’re doing what’s normal for who they are, where they are developmentally. Your child might be *different* if she were in full-time day care, but not necessarily better or worse off.

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