Why you should run not walk!

Ok, so in the interest of honesty I just want to admit that I’m sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot eating an Oreo McFlurry while listening to the Smash soundtrack and writing this post…so on that note here’s why you should run and not walk:

The other day my friend (let’s call her Lisa) and I were running on the treadmill next to each other. I have apparently convinced her to run a half marathon (yay!). So this was her first time running, I’m sure not ever but in a while. She did awesome! She ran 3 miles in about 45 minutes! At one point she was running at about 4.3mph and she looked at me and basically said “I could walk at this speed, can I just do that?”

The answer is No!
(Although technically she could do whatever she wanted)
Here’s why:

1)If you are running at 4.3mph it is significantly easier to go to running at 5mph than if you are walking at 4.3mph. You use different muscles when you run than when you run. So, no matter how slow you run you are making those muscles stronger unlike when you walk at the same speed.

2)You burn more calories per mile when you run than when you walk. Here’s an article explaining why and how to calculate how many calories you burn based on your weight.

3) Probably because of the reasons discussed in the article above, you are gonna get toned a lot faster running than walking. Want the body of a runner? The only way to get it is running, no matter how slow, not walking.

One other thing: running sucks when you first start! Don’t give up just because you are sore, have a funky pain, or hate it! Look for solutions! Everything worth doing in life sucks in the beginning! You can do it!


Is social media making the mommy wars worse?

When I had my son 4 years ago, I didn’t feel all the pressure to read 40 books, potty train at birth, cloth diaper, or breastfeed till they were seven. My MIL had given me the baby wise books which were short and concise (about all I had time for at that point) which I read and followed loosely. But mainly I did what felt right and didn’t really worry about it. (I’m not saying that I didn’t have any mommy guilt or worries, but it didn’t stem from other people). Now, as hubby and I are thinking about having a third, the pressure about what to do for our baby (from other mommies, who I know are just “trying to help”) is crazy! Between the latest trendiest cloth diapers (“oh my goodness Rachael, have you heard what’s in a disposable diaper and what it’s doing to the environment?”) to how not cosleeping is the reason my daughter is so clingy and how both my children will be scarred for life because of it, it’s just overwhelming! It got me to thinking, have I changed that much since I had my son (sure we moved from the South, to Colorado, to the Northeast, and I went from having a full time job and no time to worry about what other moms thought of my parenting, to a stay at home mom who’s main focus is my kiddos) or did the world around me change? I think that while I have changed and may have more time to focus on worrying about what options are out there for my kids, the main difference is that now social media (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc) give us instant access to the opinions and daily happenings of just about every other type of mom on the planet! At a thumbs swipe, we can compare and be compared to tons of moms and this is making the mommy wars 10X worse! Just my opinion…

Worst mom ever?

So, today a few friends and I took our kids to the children’s museum here in Providence. There was a group of kids age 15-18 months old there with the daycare workers who take care of them. All the kids were walking, listened and played well, and were well tempered. My daughter, however, who is 17 months old (and has been at home with me since birth) doesn’t walk, wouldn’t let me put her down, and had a complete meltdown when another adult touched her with a pool noodle. My son never had these issues. He went to daycare full time till he was 18 months old. Would my daughter be better off if she went to daycare full time instead of staying at home with me? Would I be the worst mom ever if I sent her to full time daycare even though I don’t work? I know I’d miss her too much…but I still sometimes wonder.