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Vegas baby

Oh my goodness, what do I have to say about Vegas? So much I want to say, so little I am willing to put out there for the world to see…I actually wrote down my favorite parts on a sheet of paper (old school I know)! I have to find a safe place for this piece of paper…Anyways, here’s my take on Vegas: it’s amazing. Leave all your judgements and ideas of normal on the plane because they don’t work there.

First thing, get over the fact that you don’t like cigarette smoke. Every casino allows smoking (well every one we went in) and this smell seems to penetrate every part of all the hotels. If you can’t get over this, I wouldn’t recommend going because you are gonna be miserable.

Thing two, this is NOT a place to take your children (it’s called sin city for a reason).

Third, you can get pretty much anything for free, if you are a girl and at all attractive (apparently I’m adorable, I would say hot, but that just sounds cocky).

Next, in terms of taxis don’t let the driver take the interstate to the airport because it costs twice as much as the back roads.

In regards to food, I recommend splitting every meal with somebody. That way you get to try more and it makes meals cheaper. Plus, I ate very decadently and I still lost 2lbs! We ate at some nice restaurants and didn’t spend more than $30-$40 a piece. I highly recommend Gordan Ramsey’s burger (the farm burger was amazing) and the tapas restaurant in the aria, Julian Serrano (the goat cheese stuff dates wrapped in prosciutto, oh my!).

Lastly, don’t expect to sleep as much as you do at home, but this won’t really bother you (well provided you actually wanted to enjoy Vegas in the first place).

If I go again (this trip was so amazing I just don’t know if another one could live up to it!), I would love to stay at the Bellagio. The Venetian was amazing and the pool was great. The Luxor was good enough and we wouldn’t have met the awesome people we met if we didn’t stay there, but it was really far down the strip (2 miles, the Bellagio is basically in the middle) from most of the stuff we wanted to do. Plus, I love the Bellagio fountains and there are rooms you can watch the fountains from. I spent my first night watching them for over an hour, reading my book in between the shows. May sound lame, but it was great!

So, overall I had an amazing time and I got exactly what I needed: a break for the perfect white bread life I live on a daily basis!

Now for a picture of me with our favorite machine:



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