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Why Weekly Weigh-Ins are a Good Thing

So, I work out a lot. Let’s start with that. I run 6 miles 3 times a week and then I do the Insanity workout 6 times a week. However, I’m still overweight (8lbs left to be “normal” whatever that is!). That’s because, like I’ve said before, I LOVE to eat! I like to have two desserts a day, one after lunch and one after dinner. Now, to me dessert can range from two jelly beans to a piece of pie. I try to avoid making pies though, because I eat them (what a crazy idea!). Anyways, despite how much I workout, if I’ve had a “bad food day”, which to me basically means I ate anything “out”, then I look in the mirror and to myself I look like I’ve gained 10lbs in a day. So, for me a weekly weigh-in helps me to see myself accurately when I look in the mirror. For example, yesterday Matt and I had Chili’s for lunch and I had their Chipotle Honey Chicken Crispers (mmm), thankfully I don’t like French fries and so I got it with broccoli and the cinnamon apples, which lets be honest should be called apple pie filling because that’s what it is and it’s DELICIOUS! Then I had a cookie, a couple glasses of wine, and a steak for dinner. So this morning I wake up and look and myself in the mirror and there’s “10lbs heavier Rachael”, but today is my weigh-in day! I do my weigh-ins on Monday mornings on my Wii fit balance board, which is awesome because it keeps track of my weight (my weight for the last 3 years) and calculates my BMI. Perfect! Also, I do my weigh-ins on Mondays because its a day I work out on so if I did gain weight I am soon working out and feeling better about myself and its not my long run day (if I’m training for a long race) so I don’t get discouraged and skip my long run for the week. SO,I weigh myself and instead of gaining 10lbs, like I see in the mirror, I have lost 2lbs. So, I look in the mirror and voilĂ , I am skinny me again!

Maybe I’m the only person who has this problem, but I’m the only person for whom I need to find weight loss (and body image) solutions for!


One thought on “Why Weekly Weigh-Ins are a Good Thing

  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. My head knows its wrong but my scales tells me differently. I have to confess, I weigh daily with the same self talk, but it helps me be better about eating on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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